Kindred OAK- Be free. Be you. Be One of A Kind.

After spending a decade in the fashion industry, I wanted clothes I wasn’t embarrassed to put my newborn son in. Little did I know that purchasing a $15 sewing machine off Craigslist would be the start of a 6-figure business.


Joli- More Than a Label

Katherine had been in business for 7 years when I met her. She was desperate to add life back into her business, but also not quite sure what that looked like. Together, we created a campaign celebrating the individuality of women and gave her business a purpose & cohesive brand strategy. I’m honored to have created a new revenue stream for Joli and continue to play a part in the daily operations of this business as well as the development of its future.


Creative Peaks- Creating Content that Matters

Eight years of content development for my own endeavors left me with a burning desire to help others create content that would fuel the passion for the good they want to create through their own businesses. In 2018, I co-founded Creative Peaks with my partner, Charlie. Together, we create content that matters, supporting small business owners in creating change within their communities.