I’m a huge believer in collaborations, and I LOVE supporting women in business.

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A few things I specialize in:

  • Story Branding- We all have a story to tell. Whether you have a business that sells product or services or YOU are your brand, I can help you build a story to share your passion in a way that sells.

  • Content Creation- Ever feel like social media, email marketing, creating ads, mailers, business cards (blah, blah, blah) take up alllll of your time? I feel you. I have almost a decade of experience in this area. Let me help. Photography, Videography, Set & Personal Styling, Writing Copy….. I GOT YOU.

  • Creative Consulting- Sometimes it’s helpful just to have someone you can bounce ideas off of! Or maybe you have a vision in your head that you’re not quite sure how to make come alive. My career in fashion, design, online marketing and consulting has left me with an extensive network of talented creatives and I love helping you connect all the dots to complete the visual story of your brand. So let’s do it!

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