They Call it Depression. I'm Fighting for Progression.

“When you’re focused on the future, that’s anxiety; when you’re focused on the past, that’s depression.”- Jen Sincero

Have you ever found yourself in a spell of depression, wondering how you ended up there? I have. More than once.

I don’t claim to have all the answers for when it strikes, but I know that focusing on the present has been one of the best ways for me to kick a random spell of depression. Ya know, those ones where you’re caught off-guard because your life is so great, you should have nothing to feel sad about?

The thing we must realize when we find ourselves in this state is that sometimes we need to honor our feelings and allow them to simply flow through us rather than harboring them.

And other times, we simply need to kick that vicious cycle of negative thought patterns that form from past experiences.

If you’ve never experienced depression, then allow me to paint a picture for you-

Depression is sneaky, inconvenient, demanding & controlling. It often shows up at your door when you’re least expecting it and is not someone you want the other guests in your life to meet. 

It collects every bad feeling inside of you and brings it to the surface until you feel physically ill. Even during times of your greatest success, it can fool you into feeling like a complete failure. ⠀

Depression wears a mask like a familiar, comforting friend, influencing you to act like someone you are not; she’ll whisper in your ear, filling your head with lies, and make you feel unworthy of love. She’ll extend her hand only to let you fall into the deep, dark hole you didn’t even know existed.⠀

Depression can make small problems seem insurmountable, leaving you with a feeling of despair & hopelessness. Exhaustion overcomes you and you wonder if you will ever catch up on everything that falls behind while you host this rude, ungrateful guest.⠀

I know because I myself have fought this battle more times than I can count. After years of hard work and learning tools to manage a roller coaster of anxiety & depression, I still have days that I wake up, filled with disappointment because I know she is back for a visit.⠀

If you’ve ever experienced depression, you know it is more than sadness.

But know this-

if you’ve ever experienced depression and come through it (no matter how many times), you’ve also experienced hope.

And hope is so much more powerful (even when it feels like it’s not). So allow yourself to feel what you’re going through. Allow yourself to slow down and take care of your body. Listen to your soul; it will tell you what it needs. And when that’s not enough, ask for help; there is no shame in asking for what you need to be healthy. 

Mental health awareness is important. Let’s all strive to understand one another just a little bit more and maybe we can begin to humanize those around us; let’s strive to humanize those around us and be a bit more loving and less judging. Who knows-your compassion just might be what saves someone’s life.

Do you know someone struggling with depression? Maybe you are the one struggling? What helps you to cope?

If this post hits close to home for you, I want to encourage you to reach out. If not to me, to someone you trust. My inbox is always a safe place if you’re needing one, though.

Lots of love,