I Have Been Hiding.

I have been hiding.

Hiding under the stress, the busy-ness, and the “expectations” & weight of my imperfections.

Hiding behind the labels of

  • mother

  • career woman

  • girlfriend

  • wife

  • daughter

  • friend

…. each with its own identity, a filtered version of myself conforming to be who everyone else wants me to be.

But just as the seasons of Mother Nature bring change, so do the different seasons of our life.

This season of my life has brought change in resemblance of Spring- so much growth.

Still experiencing the rainstorms that feel unwanted & unwelcome, yet so necessary for the flower to bloom into its full beauty…. something I am learning to be thankful for while I experience the blessing of patience and a thirst that often feels unquenchable.

I have been hiding from the rainclouds.

Now, I stand soaking up the rain, knowing that the Sun is on it’s way with the promise of a rainbow and a fresh field of wildflowers.
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