About me- Paige

I'm a wannabe hippie-minimalist mama, designing life as I go.

Mama to one, a lifetime of entrepreneurship, over a decade in the fashion industry, 6 years of producing my own children's line, and the launch of a new media company....

Let's just say things are never dull around here. I love sharing the chaos in hopes that others will feel a little more "normal" in their own journey.

After decades of my life spent living as a workaholic, I finally started to ask myself the question- what if there’s more?

And I’m so glad it did because it’s lead me here.

I’m a proud advocate for women supporting women (especially in business!) and spend most of my free time chasing causes that allow me to do just that.

Whether it’s consulting women in their business, sharing my experiences in groups, volunteering my time in the community, or pursuing Content that Matters through the businesses we work with, I’m a firm believer that we can create real impact and true change by working together.